with Burnie Haney


Fishing Experience

The fun thing about defining experience is it's all relevant.
Some will quantify it as time on the water, others as one's ability to put fish in the boat, yet others consider finding and catching fish the most important.  In my opinion all of those elements certainly contribute to the sum of any angler's experience, yet often times an overlooked element is the pure enjoyment of being in nature in pursuit of the next cast.  

I've been a hardcore tournament bass fisherman since 1992 fishing the NY BASS Nation Trail , the American Bassanglers Association trail and NY The Bass Federation (NYTBF) trail. During these tournament travels I've won four Angler of The Year titles, set an all time heavy weight record for NYTBF and qualified for two National Championships.  You might say I'm addicted to it, but it sure is alot of fun.


I consider myself most proficient when using casting and spinning gear presenting artificials to freshwater fish of all kinds and truth be told I simply like catching fish. When I'm not tournament fishing I enjoy light line fishing for anything that's willing to bite my lure.   I think the most skilled anglers are those that are willing to think outside the box and try new presentations to catch fish and I include myself in that category.

My next gulity pleasure is the long rod and though I don't claim to be any kind of a fly fishing expert I can certainly catch a few fish on it when the fall Salmon and Trout migration rolls around.  I'm no purist by any means, instead I'm a utility fly caster and by that I'm referring to nothing fancy, no flies tied with 8 - 10 different materils, but instead I employ simple river patterns of stone flies, pheasent tail nymphs, glow bugs and streamers.   To the purist it's nothing fancy, but it does allow me to use and lose a handful of flies in a day's fishing and not break the bank account when buying material to retie more flies before the next trip.